Debate: The Case For or Against Gun Hill

At GNFC-Vincent Hill, as part of the Inter-House competitions we had every year, English language debates were held, where two Houses would get picked to be for something and the other two would be against. Often, the American kids at the school were chosen because they spoke English as a first language.

One year, due to there not being any other Americans in my age category for my House, I was selected. The issue I was arguing, was for more Pocket Money, a weekly allowance given to us to spend at the school Cafeteria.

As was customary, my argument had been written by an older American student. Me being a complete duffer, I was incapable of grasping the logic of the argument, so I ended up learning it through rote memorization. When it was my turn at the microphone, I stared blankly at the audience (the whole school) for what felt like forever, before shouting my first lines into the microphone. This caused an enormous amount of feedback, followed by dead silence, making me even more nervous. Needles to say, I ended up making complete word salad of the rest of my debate. Yet, somehow I finished 7 out of 8.

On this return trip to Mussoorie, I had the opportunity to go to Gun Hill for the first time, a tourist attraction with views, games and food that is reached by sky tram. There I took a video of the whole place, which is at the beginning of the attached blog. If you have time, it’s about ten minutes long. After that I thought it’d be fun to try for redemption on the whole debate thing and fantasize what I would write for two kids arguing for or against Gun Hill.

The Case For:

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chairman, I thank you for the opportunity to speak today before this respectable audience on this subject.

For five years of living in Mussoorie, I never made it to Gun Hill.  Looking back, its hard to see how I justified not going.

First, in order to get to Gun Hill,  you had to take a sky tram from the Mall Road.  WHO doesn’t love a sky tram?  Scared little boys and the opposition, that is whom.


Second, once you are on Gun Hill, there are amazing views in both directions.  On one side you can stare down into the Doon Valley.

And on the other you can look across the seemingly endless peaks of the Himalayan Mountain Range.

I ask my esteemed colleagues on the other side, why is it that you hate Nature so much?

Third, for those who are inclined to like games and entertainment, this place has it all.  You can dress up in costumes!  You can feel like a man by shooting guns or a bow and arrow at balloons!  You can toss a bloody bamboo ring onto a juice box, win it and then drink it in front of your friends like a boss!  You can get your picture taken next Doraemon and some dinosaurs and then post it on Facebook!  How modern-cool and hip is all this?


Finally, if you get hungry after drinking your juice box, the world is your oyster!  Choose from four different restaurants, highlighting vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

In conclusion, it is impossible not to love this place.  So much so, I am nominating to change its name from Gun Hill to Fun Hill.  Thank you.


The Case Against:

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Speaker, I come before this august crowd today, not to convince you that sky trams are scary, or that shooting guns at balloons is very lame.  I even like dressing up in costumes from time to time.  Hell, I ate religiously at Jeet’s for five years.  How much worse could Gun Hill’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant be?

What does concern me however, is that the case is being made for Gun Hill is not based on solid fact.  My opponent speaks of views.  I had a hard time looking down into the Doon Valley because there were so many goddamn trees blocking my view.

We too don’t hate nature, we are just asking the Mussoorie government to mix in a chainsaw every now and then.

My friend across the aisle speaks of social media.  Who wants to post a photo on Instagram of a valley seen through a bunch of trees?  Oh, that’s right, someone who thinks Facebook and Doraemon are still cool.

Speaking of other things that are outdated, how about that prize machine playing acid trance from 1990?

In closing, the best view we found, was the one we had when we took the tram back down to where everyone should be, on the Mall Road eating at the combination Nirula’s / Domino’s.

Fun Hill you ask?  More like Done Hill.  Thank you.










2 thoughts on “Debate: The Case For or Against Gun Hill

  1. Thanks Ravi for sharing your journey! It is fun to hear your commentary and interesting to hear if the memories that arise for you. Plus you have dam good writing with good Ravi humor sprinkled through out. Big hugs friend!! Xo bug

  2. well, after watching the video, i think you students should have gone there monthly! I’m sure 30 years ago it was a much spiffyer place, Yea Gun HIll, great views

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